Monday, September 25, 2006


... how did I get to this point? Well, it all started a few months back when I opened up my copy of PC Zone magazine and a silver pack fell out. Turns out they were giving away a free pack of PerplexCity cards to every reader. I'd read about this game just a few weeks earlier and was intrigued. So, I ripped open the pack, had a look at the cards and thought, "yeah, I can name the planets in the Solar System, I'll give this a go".

Of course, the cards got a little more difficult after that, with one or two exceptions, so I looked around for some help and in doing so, found the ARGN site. I read their articles and thought, "I'd quite like to get into ARGs, but my writing's not that great; all I've done so far is biography stuff for MMORPG characters. What can I do about it?"

Handily, it was about the time that the local adult education courses started running and, in what might be considered a decent bit of synchronicity, one of the courses was Creative Writing. One credit card payment later, here I am.

I hope you enjoy what you find here. Please feel free to comment and critique!


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