Monday, October 02, 2006

Evening Dress

(The inspiration for this came while I was out walking Blue, our springer spaniel. The sunset was just so colourful, the moon was up and the clouds were in just the right place. Simply beautiful and beautifully simple. I wrote the first paragraph when I got home and already had an image tickling the creative bits of my brain. I saw a man standing on a balcony taking in that natural beauty and that led onto a scene of a couple getting ready for a dinner dance. Perhaps I was subconsciously wanting to compare the natural beauty outside to the beauty of the woman?)

The clouds are smeared across the evening sky, stained pink by the last rays of the setting sun. The moon peeks from behind the clouds, a pale, white disc hanging in the sky. The clouds hardly seem to move as the pink darkens.

"Penny for your thoughts?", she says, appearing by my side. I glance at her, double-taking at the vision of loveliness that I see. Her evening dress seems to shimmer in the light; it clings to the right places and flows over her form.

"Just hoping we don't get stuck on a table with Mr One-Up again", I reply, half-jokingly. She nods.

"He always has to win holiday poker, doesn't he?", she says, rolling her eyes. I notice the mascara, darkening her eyelashes as they flutter at me.

"I wonder what would happen if he was in the same room as one of those space tourists?", I ponder, smiling at the thought. She chuckles softly, sounding as if a chorus of angels is singing in my mind.

"We'll be late if you don't get that tie done up", she says, waggling a finger. "Do you need help with it?"

I nod sheepishly and hand her the results of my last attempt, looking more like a cat's cradle than a clothing accessory. She holds the bow-tie gingerly between thumb and forefinger, inspecting the mess.

"How...? On...? Earth...?", she says. I shrug helplessly.

"I'm not a bow-tie person."


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