Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Strange, Strange Rock

(And now for something I hadn't expected to be doing, a poem. Given that I haven't written a poem since school - which was under duress, of course :-) - I didn't know how this would turn out. In the end, the layout here didn't match the original scribblings at all, so if someone could come up with Cut'n'Paste for pen and paper, it'll help if I need to do more poems in future! Ohh, and the rock I used for inspiration can be seen here (external site). If this seems a little ... harsh? ... then my apologies to the sculpturer, but the first thing it made me think of was H. G. Wells' "War of the Worlds"! I also seem to recall a rule that a poem must contain the words "oft" and "ne'er", so I managed to squeeze them in :-) )

Harsh, grey stone,
So much out of place.
Forbidding and eerie,
Its strange pock-marked face.

Rough, cold rock,
Stands on its own.
Oddness surrounds it,
This alien stone.

Where did it come from?
Such a question oft asked.
No-one can answer,
Its origin will ne'er be unmasked.


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