Monday, August 11, 2008

End of the Trail (Excerpt)

(Wow, almost a year since I last posted something here. I am *really* bad at this... To kick off what I hope will be regular postings from now on, here's an excerpt of a 1300 word short story which I've sold to My Weekly magazine. One of their target genres was Sci-Fi and, as they suggested using BSG for inspiration, the idea came pretty quickly. What would it be like, arriving on a new planet, when all you've known is the inside of a space ship? To set the scene, the ship has landed and the airlock has just opened

*UPDATE* This story will feature in the February 21st edition of My Weekly! )

... Her mother tugged at her hand and Kara tore her gaze away from the hatch, looking up at her. The warmth falling on her face was reflected in her smile and twinkling eyes.

"Ready, Kara?" she asked. Now faced with the reality of the end of this journey, Kara's fear was rising swiftly, the new world outside filled with nothing but the unknown. Her grip tightened on her mother's hand and she moved further behind her, as if to hide from the hatch and all that lay outside. She looked around her, the dark, empty corridor stretching away on either side, leading into the depths of the ship. She knew every turn, every hiding place, every nook and cranny; her domain for all of her life so far. The lure of the dark was so strong, the safety and security of the ship beckoning to her.

Her hand slipped from her mother’s, people buffeting her back and forth as she squeezed between them, their excitement washing over her, every voice filled with optimism, expectation, hope as they moved past her. She slipped back towards the darkness, towards the familiar smells, sights and noises of the ship ...


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